Design Services

At The Market Home + Design creating cohesive, beautiful homes and spaces is our goal.

We offer an in store or in home personal design service to ensure that the customer is making the correct choices when it comes to beautifying their spaces. This can include entire homes, groups of rooms or a single room or space. We will take the time to attend to every detail of your project, helping you avoid expensive mistakes and making the process a rewarding one.

The Interior Design Service includes a full design floor plan, product research + sourcing, furniture, materials and textiles presentation, ordering, scheduling and the most exciting part, installation and detail styling.

Our Design service involves a design fee based on the time spent and the scope of the project.

Hi, I am Jodi!

I established The Market Home + Design in 2020 and have worked in the furniture, home décor and interior design industry for nearly 20 years. Let me and the rest of The Market's friendly, knowledgeable design team help you create the home of your dreams.


1. Consultation

Let's talk! We'll need to get to know you and what you love and don't love about your space and your goals for your project. You can also show us images of your ideal design style so we can get a feel for the type of aesthetic you want to achieve.

2. Site Survey

A designer will cone and take a survey of your home. Photos and measurements will be taken to get a good sense of the space.

3. Floor Plan

We will then draw up a floor plan to determine room flow, furniture, lighting, and accessories placement.

4. Design Concept

Influenced by your desired style and budget, we will create a design concept to be presented to you.

5. Source & Order

From the approved design concept and floor plan, we will source and order furniture, fabrics, light fixtures, accessories, etc.

6. Installation

The design comes to life! New items will be placed and styled and you can begin to enjoy your space!

In Home Design Consultation Available

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